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Buying is Better Than Renting

Property buyers all over the world have an emotional connection with the real estate that they purchase. From traditional times, buying real estate has been considered the “adult” thing to do for a person. This decision has no financial backing and is rooted in the thinking that having a property to your name somehow makes one economically more secure.

However, if we consider the financial aspects this is clearly not true. There are some situations when buying is clearly the better thing to do whereas there are other situations where renting is the best option. The ideal thing to do therefore depends on a case to case basis. This rent vs. buy decision will be discussed in a later article.

Syed Abbas Sherazi

Abbas Sherazi

Real Estate and Money Supply

There is a direct relationship between the amount of money supply that is available in the system and the amount of money that finds its way into the real estate market. This is because real estate is one of the most preferred investment classes in the world. It is considered to be a safe haven and one of the safest hedges against inflation.

However, very few people are aware of the fact that real estate also ends up creating more money supply! This is because of the way the modern fractional reserve banking system works. The more real estate is created, the more mortgage loans are made and the higher the money supply goes. This recursive relationship between real estate and money supply as well as how they propel each other higher has been detailed in this article.

Malik Raees

Ammar Real Estate Multan (Malik Raees)

Information Asymmetry in the Real Estate Market

Successful investors know that it is not the asset class that makes one rich. Rather it is information about the asset class that makes one rich. Therefore, if any investor were to consistently have access to information which is not available in the market, they could trade off of it and gain a handsome return in the process.

The real estate market has one of the most opaque information systems. Relevant information is not publically disbursed through official sources. Rather, it spreads via grapevine. Therefore, one needs to be well connected to obtain such information and benefit from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I invest in property?

It is worthwhile to invest in real estate. People have been investing in property for centuries and making a profit. If you invest in residential or commercial property for 5 years or 10 years then this property will give you good profit.

What is File?

Area which is not balloted yet or has been balloted and on ground or not on ground, and possession (where construction can be started immediately) is not granted by the builder / developer / Authority

Tips: Prices of files may fluctuate sharply (up and down) as per market conditions. Files are usually booked on installment plan for 3 years cost of land and 3 years for development charges in most cases. One should be clear before investing in file that how much time is required for holding

What is Plot?

Area where physical possession (where construction can be started immediately) is granted by the builder / developer / Authority

Tips: In common after ballot dealers / agents sell or buy file with plot number and treat it as “PLOT”. But practically we have experienced that developer / builder / authority can change any full and final given plan due to any technical reasons / immoral practice or to oblige someone (specifically Govt. Officials / Army Officials, Authority Officials), in such case plot number change. I think that plot should be only consider where possession is granted and construction can be started immediately. Any investment before possession should be treated as “FILE”

Physical possession (Plots) are more stable in different conditions of market as compare to files or Plot files which shows more fluctuation in different market conditions (up and down). Plots files are called which balloted and plot numbers are allotted but still possession is not granted by Builder / Developer / Authority for living.

What is Balloting?

The term balloting was generally used for assigning plot numbers to the allottee for a said project in Pakistan Real Estate. In General Ballot mean “decide the allocation of (something) to applicants by drawing lots”. There are two types of Ballot in Pakistan Real Estate Market in General now:

  • Booking Ballot
    • Booking ballot mean, when a project is being offered on installment plan and people apply for the booking and ballot held for successful and unsuccessful applicants, called Booking Ballot
  • Plot Ballot
    • Plot Number Ballot mean a draw in which numbers allocated to each allottee against its file, in other word Map issued with plot numbers.

Tips: Now a day people are often trapped in the name of ballot by Agents / Developer / Builder / Authority. It is recommended to ask Agents / Developer / Builder / Authority before booking any project that it will be a confirm booking or there will be booking ballot, also when Plot Ballot will be held?

How Much Holding Time is required for an investment?

Commonly asked question by investors from Local as well Overseas. Although there is no set standard to define the time frame of property investment. Its vary from Project to Project and stage of Project. However generally we should have following time frame in mind for property investment after buying / of plot / home / commercial to get some return.

  • Minimum: 1 year
  • Reasonable: 3 years
  • Sufficient: 5 years
  • Enough: 10 years
  • More then enough: 15 years

15 years is more then enough to hold a property to get the maximum return at a specific growth rate. Mature projects has slow but stable and secure growth, where as under developed or newly developed projects has faster growth rate but more risky if market drop.


Before doing any investment you must be clear about your holding time. Do not make any investment with unclear holding time. In property the holder is the winner. If you have holding capacity you are in a win win position. Consult with your agent about your holding time. Do not invest in property if you cannot hold for minimum 1 year time period or other wise you must have to be in touch with daily market trends. If you have enough time to do so then think about less then 1 year investment other wise leave that option. If you are booking a plot or home you must be able to hold it till possession, prepossession sale may return into loss. If you cannot pay the installment please do not book.

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